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Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:58 am
There is currently an issue with the newer versions of Ubiquiti equipment when trying to load firmware for BBHN. Trying to use the firmware not authorized by Ubiquiti will cause your hardware to become bricked. More information may be found here:

Notice: There is a serious risk to certain Ubiquiti hardware when used with software not written to match their new boot loader.
The issue occurs when recent Ubiquiti devices with a new bootloader version are used with firmware not specifically modified for this change.

OpenWRT is the original software for Broadband-Hamnet software designed for Ubiquiti products.

At present, the issue is under investigation.

To prevent unrecoverable damage to your Ubiquiti devices, we STRONGLY recommend waiting until the limits, methods to avoid the risk and specific steps are posted.

Further details of the actual issue are here:

Special Firmware Note: AirOS XM.v5.5.X images used U-Boot (Dec 5 2012 - 15:23:07). The OpenWRT image can be successfully flashed onto these versions of firmware. However, in July 2015 Ubiquiti released a new version of firmware XM.v5.6.X. With this firmware a new U-Boot version was released, U-Boot (Jun 10 2015 - 10:54:50). The newer U-Boot version changes the memory size and starting address for rootfs, cfg, and EEPROM. LOADING AN OPENWRT IMAGE ON A U-Boot WILL CAUSE THE DEVICE TO BE BRICKED!!!

If the device has XM.v5.6.X, an older version of XM firmware can be loaded from the AirOS webgui (for example XM.v5.5.10) and U-Boot will be overwritten with the older version. OpenWRT can then be loaded onto the device successfully.