Managed Switch and VLAN Setup for Interfacing with Ubiquiti

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Managed Switch and VLAN Setup for Interfacing with Ubiquiti

Post by K5ICR » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:20 pm

I posted this on the official BBHN forums some time ago but since it's buried and pretty hard to find, I'm re-posting it here to benefit anyone that's interested in establishing a node as a gateway to the Internet.

I'm using the D-Link DGS-1100-08 8-port managed gigabit switch. One vendor that carries them is here: ... 6833127450 ($59.99 at the time of this post).

Here's my previous post on the BBHN forums:
For anyone that's having issues or wishes to duplicate my settings, once I assigned the switch a static IP address to use the management console from, I setup the 802.1q VLAN settings as follows. Port 1 on the switch is the uplink port to my Internet gateway. Port 2 on the switch goes to the Rocket. Ports 3-8 are not currently used but will pull an IP address from the Rocket via DHCP (so they're effectively on the HSMM node's LAN) when connected.

In the management console, I created a new VLAN with an ID number of 10 since 1 is reserved for BBHN-WAN. I also created a VLAN with ID 2 but I am not currently using it since I do not have more than one node.

The VLANs are assigned as follows:
  • VID 1 (BBHN-WAN)
    • Untagged: port 1
    • Tagged: port 2
  • VID 2 (BBHN-D2D)
    • Not used in my implementation
  • VID 10 (BBHN-LAN)
    • Untagged: ports 2-8
Here's a screenshot of the switch's VLAN management settings. Click the image for a full-size version.

I set the node up to have NAT on the LAN side (with DHCP enabled) and a static IP on the WAN side. The LAN side of the node is on a different subnet from the rest of my network. It's also separated by a firewall from the main portion of my network (the 254 subnet).

Here's my network topology (click the image for the full-size version):

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