DV Mega + Raspberry Pi2 setup at home hotspot

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DV Mega + Raspberry Pi2 setup at home hotspot

Post by n5wd » Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:50 pm

We live in the Denton Creek valley, west of Ponder, where direct access to the W5NGU D-Star repeaters is not possible with an HT. I've started running a DV-Mega D-Star transceiver on top of my Raspberry Pi 2 computer, usiing the W6KD D-Star Commander software, as a hotspot on a discrete 441 MHz frequency. It functions as a simplex input/output to the various reflectors, X-reflectors, etc. out there in D-Star land. It was quite simple to set up, once you get your head wrapped around a few basics, but there is a learning curve.

If anyone's interested in knowing more about the DV-Mega board (I've got the newer one which is capable of working on both 2 meters and 440 MHz) interfacing with the Raspberry Pi computer, I'll be more than happy to demonstrate and show it off for you.

Just let me know!

73 Wayne N5WD

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