Any ideas on approaching a church or other organization?

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Any ideas on approaching a church or other organization?

Post by kf5qby » Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:28 am

I have discovered I am in probably the absolute worst spot in Denton County to try to connect to this mesh. I am basically in a hole. There is a 30 ft ridge behind my house that blocks the Lewisville tower. Not to mention the land fills in the way. There is another ridge between me and the Proposed Baylor Site. Unfortunately I got in Amateur Radio after I bought my current home and did not realize how bad a location it was until recently. The HOA covenants restrict me from putting up a tower tall enough to hit the clear the obstructions. My only option is to set up a relay node somewhere.

Has anyone had any experience in approaching another organization to set up a remote node for BBHN? I am thinking either one of the local churches or possibly Waste Management. Either would probably require a standalone system (batteries and solar). Lewisville ISD might be another good choice.

Waste management would be an ideal location once they finish the landfill on the east side of Lewisville. The top of that mound would reach everywhere in Southeast Denton County. But I have heard they don't like to do things like this.

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