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newbie on a whole new level

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 9:01 pm
by chrisintx
I see most people here already have call names or what ever they are called. When I say I'm a newb I mean I pretty much have no knowledge of radio at at. I just got a position in my company where radio's are a bigger aspect than I ever thought. I have become very interested in learning more & maybe getting a rig, or what ever a small set up is called & get a license. Can anyone point me in the direction of very basic info so I can start to learn more. I've already been instructed to pick up a handbook from the arrl, which I will do. I have already been to the website which is how I found the DCARA, as I'm in Lewisville. I look forward to coming to a meeting but would like to not be the type of person who knows absolutely nothing. So any direction would be greatly appreciated, the more "dumbed down" the better lol. Thank you