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Protected/Confidential Information Forum Created

Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:15 am
by K5ICR

I realized that we need a method to share with each other certain authentication credentials for use on the mesh network without it being visible to the public in general.

I am 100% for an open environment to share information, which is reflected by all other posts and forums on this site being readable by the public without needing to be a member of DCARA or to even register on these forums. That being said, login credentials, particularly those needed to access mesh network features from the regular Internet, must have access limited to licensed amateurs only.

Therefore, I have created a new forum under the BBHN category called "Protected/Confidential Information". Only those registered users who are also members of the "Verified amateurs" group will be able to access this forum. To join the "Verified amateurs" group, request to join via your user control panel. Then, send either Gerald (WB5NZV) or I a copy (a readable photo taken from your phone, a scanned image or scanned PDF, a PDF version from the FCC website -- but NOT a reference copy) of your license via email (mycall.ham at gmail or geraldscall at gmail). We will then approve your request to join the group.

Again, I want to stress: this is not to hide information or promote secrecy. This is solely to authenticate those with access as being licensed amateurs. Any licensed amateur is invited to register on these forums and participate.

05/31/2015 edit: Removed reference to PM as new users don't have access to that feature. Added email instructions and addresses.